Cartagena, Colombia

In this opening address to my time in Colombia, I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of my endeavors by sending prayers, messaging me kind words, or reading this mumble jumble I spew out. I appreciate every second of your enthusiasm and I’m ecstatic to share my pure, unfiltered experiences with you over the next few months…


I woke to the sunlight pouring through my neighbour’s window while the pilot announced we had made it to Florida. The sun was pretty high up in the sky. I couldn’t believe I had actually slept for so long. I looked at my watch. “5 o’clock.” 

My plane flew over Cuba, Jamaica, and Aruba before arriving in Cartagena where, after the excitement wore off, I became aware of two things: the heat and the mosquitos. My sticky skin was already attracting the bastards and I’d not even been here an hour!


I checked into my hostel, where the smell of wet dog emulated a homely atmosphere, and I took a shower before beginning my exploration of the city. The shower head was really low, but after what happened in Copacabana, (You can read about that experience here) I will forever refrain from touching foreign shower heads. I took a Buddy the Elf type shower, hunching over and splashing water onto my body. I REFUSED TO TOUCH IT.

A local street artist

The people of Colombia are, in general, much lighter skinned than my friends in Bolivia. This became a problem as I was consistently mistaking locals for tourists. I sparked at least 5 different conversations in English with people who looked at me blankly. I would restate my sentence in Spanish and then realize they were locals.

The tourists that I have met, however, have all been from Germanic countries like Denmark, Netherlands, and Belgium. And they have ALL commented (multiple times within a single conversation) on how unbearably hot it is. However, I am loving this 80-degree weather and am glad to be away from all that Californian doom and gloom.

In Bolivia’s below freezing temperatures, I’m pretty sure I was actually dying at times from the icy weather while my Norse colleagues just grinned at my intolerance. “You think this is cold?” They would laugh.

WELL GUESS WHO’S LAUGHING NOW. You’re in my element, now!              

*Swats mosquito*

3 thoughts on “Cartagena, Colombia

  1. “Well guess who’s laughing now. You’re in my element, son”! That totally made all the other “mumble jumble” well worth it! Thank you for sharing!!!


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