Sunday Mornings

I’m moving out tomorrow. This day came quickly, and I feel completely unprepared. The preamble for this journey had the tune of any other vacation that I’ve taken. But San Diego is the place where I will be spending the next… who knows? A lot of years? I have lived in Vacaville for my whole life and in this house for the last 14 years. I was recently asked what I would miss the most about living at home. It was surprising how quickly my reply to this question manifested itself in my head. Out of everything I would miss about living in my childhood home with my family, I knew I would miss Sunday mornings more than anything. 

Since I was little, Sundays were very important to our family. It was a day of rest and praise. When I grew older, I got a job and so did my sisters. Our paths rarely crossed, and it became difficult to be home at the same time. Sunday mornings were the one thing that remained steadfast in routine and in family time. 

I will miss so much about living in this home, but the foundation of my family is built upon small details. This is what will leave me homesick on difficult days. I will miss waking up on Sunday mornings to a giggle fest outside of my door hosted by Sierra and Sloane. Although, some days I would wake up to Sierra playing the theme song of “Pride and Prejudice” or Pixar’s “Up”. I will miss the smell of my dad’s cologne. Sunday is the only day he would wear cologne. I will miss kicking drinking coffee on the front porch swing with my mom as Ranger lays his head in my lap.  I will miss Sloane’s fifty different outfit changes just to see her go back to outfit number one. I will miss telepathic eye contact with my mom while sitting through the sermon. I know exactly what she is thinking. I will miss looking at my family during worship and realizing how blessed I am. I will miss Sierra’s singing echoing loudly through the church. I will miss my mom’s pancakes. I will miss the air of contentedness that flows through the house in the late afternoon as we take a deep breath knowing we have each other to fall back upon.

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