Quinn’s Hot Springs

For my birthday this year, Jake took me to Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Paradise, Montana. It is incredibly hard to get a reservation there, but Jake had been calling for a few weeks trying to catch a cancellation and just happened to score a room the weekend of my birthday! When he told me, I was super excited, but nervous to leave my 5-month-old. River had just started sleep training and she had only ever been breastfed. Bottles just aren’t her thing. I went to a lactation consultant two weeks before the trip and she told me, “River can take a bottle, she just prefers not to.” Basically, if she got hungry enough, she would take it. I was still nervous though as I had heard horror stories of babies being at daycare and never taking a bottle, no matter how hungry they were. They would just scream and scream until mom came to pick them up. Taking her with us wasn’t an option since our room was adults only. Luckily, the resort was only an hour and a half away, so we could come back if we really needed to, and she was in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa. I kept teetering on whether to go or not and didn’t make a decision until the night before. I looked at my freezer stash and there was more than enough to last one night. “Okay, let’s do it.” I told Jake. 

The next morning, we dropped River off at my parents and I teared up a little at the thought of having to leave my baby overnight for the first time. My mom told me, “No news is good news,” but I still couldn’t help calling to check in. Upon arriving, we were greeted with complimentary wine, snacks, and robes for the hot springs. Of course, we don’t usually splurge, so everything in the hotel room seemed fancy to us. We probably never would have even considered a trip like this if it hadn’t been gifted to us. (Much thanks to Jake’s soccer team!) After checking in, we headed straight to the hot springs. 

The hot springs are also day-use accessible, so you don’t need to be staying at the resort to take a soak. The pools ranged from 90F to 106F. There was also one pool that was in the low 50s for a cool plunge which Jake was brave enough to do. Families with young children were floating in the pools in the low 90s which added a laid-back, family-friendly ambience. The pools were all shallow enough to walk around in and had ample seating. The smell of sulfur was very strong, but I actually kind of like that smell. (I know, weird.) There is a restaurant and bar attached to the resort, so people had drinks with them in the pool. Some people even had little floaties specifically for their drinks! I ordered some tropical iced tea drink and Jake had a beer. It was super relaxing, and the vibe was light-hearted as strangers all around us were striking up conversation. The sunlight brushed the mountaintops as the snow fell softly around us and dissipated in the hot water. It was truly magical.

We sat in the springs for about two hours and after getting all pruney, we begrudgingly went back to our room to change for dinner. Before we went into the hot springs, the attendant warned that gold jewelry would tarnish in the springs. Unfortunately, I didn’t take off my silver sterling jewelry which also turned a rusty brown color. I recommend not bringing any jewelry into the springs. 

Dinner was fantastic. I ordered off their seasonal menu and had a kiwi-arugula salad. The sweetness of the kiwis perfectly balanced the bitter arugula. The pecans gave it a nice crunch and the blue cheese strengthened the overall flavor. Kiwi and blue cheese? Who would have thought! Jake of course ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, the steak. Our waitress, Sekoya, was fantastic (yes, that is how her name is spelt!) and insisted we order dessert. Instead of a dessert menu, she presented all of the desserts on a tray. The presentation was splendid. There was creme brulee, mousse, lava cake, tiramisu and so much more. Jake had the cannoli which was super rich and fluffy. Even with his bottomless stomach, he couldn’t finish!

After dinner, we played several games of pool at the tavern next door before going back to the hot springs for one last soak. The stars were in abundance and the night air lightly greeted us. My body felt so rejuvenated after! 

When we got back to our room for the night, I tried to call my mom to see how River was doing but was unable to reach her. I pumped (for like the sixth time! River is much more efficient than my pump.) and we went to sleep. The next morning, my mom called to tell me River had done wonderfully! She took a bottle like a champ and even slept through the night! This was a huge win. 

To any moms who might be considering a night away, I say GO FOR IT! Jake and I connected in a way we hadn’t been able to in five (maybe more) months and our relationship was definitely strengthened. I’m sure everyone’s situation is different, but if you’re looking for a sign, let this be it! Spend a night alone with your husband and prioritize your marriage for a few intentional hours! 

If you live in Montana, Quinn’s is a MUST. We probably won’t splurge on a night stay again, (at least anytime soon) but we will definitely be back for the day. The surrounding area of Plains and St Regis is gorgeous as the Clark Fork River runs through it. There are several lakes for fishing and beautiful hikes to do. We definitely look forward to returning!

4 thoughts on “Quinn’s Hot Springs

  1. Good girl River!! I told you she was a keeper!! Lol! Way to go Sum! I’m glad you decided to get away and take time for YOU AND YOUR HUBBY!! That’s always more important than we give credit, and unfortunately some people never learn this… so I’m glad you learned early! I’m sure the grands were in heaven too!! 😉
    Love you girly girl!


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