Week 3

The TMS treatments have been helping Alice’s depression and anxiety. She continues to feel hopeful, even joyful, at times. She finds herself giggling at funny TV shows, visiting neighbors for a cup of tea, and finding light in day to day life. Alice can sit peacefully with herself instead of ruminating over the past. When things don’t work out as she planned, Alice feels less frustrated, and things that used to “send her into a tailspin” don’t seem as urgent. 

Over the last year, Alice has built her solid foundation with counseling, exercising and eating well, and she says TMS is the brick and mortar that is keeping the building strong.

Between TMS, therapy, being honest with herself and others, medications, exercise, and breathwork, Alice has done her due diligence to maintain her mental stability. She continues to mention “a glimmer of hope” and is optimistic, grateful, and looking forward to the next weeks of treatments. 

Alice only wishes that TMS was around for when her son felt hopeless…

Week 4

Alice feels incredibly lucky and blessed to have found this treatment modality. It’s hard to imagine that only five weeks ago she was thinking about ending it. Within only a few weeks Alice has gone from slowly backsliding into a deep dark depression to feeling new life. TMS has given Alice the boost that she needed to get over “the hump” and she knows that everything is going to be okay. Of course, Alice is not always happy, but she can find peace and contentment in everyday life.

Alice encourages anyone who feels down and out to try TMS. Those who have known her for a long time now say things like, “I can hear the cheerfulness in your voice” or “You sound like the old Alice we know and love.”  She wishes that she could stand on the rooftops and tell everyone, “HEY! There is a way out of the darkness that lives in your head.” 

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