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And Let Them Learn Language

There have been numerous studies done on the benefits of learning a second language at an early age. In the United States, however, learning a second language is not required until high school. Many people have written arguments to include foreign language classes to be incorporated in primary schools, which I completely agree with, butContinue reading “And Let Them Learn Language”

Rayonnant de Lumière

Son deuxième prénom est joie, mais quand elle est née personne ne savait pas que le nom serait tellement approprié. Sa naissance avait déjà amené le bonheur mais c’était seulement le début. Elle est pratiquement arrivée dans le monde rayonnante de lumière optimiste. La musique de son rire chuchote à travers l’hôpital terne et laContinue reading “Rayonnant de Lumière”

Le Désamour

L’idée de tomber amoureux n’existe pas de la même manière que le <<désamour>> n’existe pas, et moi, je ne sais rien sur l’amour mais j’entends souvent <<Ah, nous avons cessé de nous aimer… >> comme si on s’est réveillé tout à coup en détestant son amant…  TOUT À COUP, vraiment, on doit savoir que leContinue reading “Le Désamour”

European Thank Yous

When I had originally thought of how I was going to blog about traveling in Europe for ridiculously cheap, I didn’t realize it would be done with the help of so many friends along the way. I thought I was going to do it all on my own. However, because of the friends who tookContinue reading “European Thank Yous”

Everyday People

It was a regular Friday afternoon at the daycare where I work. The kids were leaving early, and we’d be off soon. I put “Ella Enchanted” on for the last two kids when suddenly, there was a knock at the back door. An enormously tall black man waited on the other side. He stood justContinue reading “Everyday People”

Language Discrepancies

The other teacher working with me is from England, so over the course of the last week I’ve been hearing your typical British lingo: cheeky, rubbish, cheers, fancy that. Daniel has taught me two new ones though. The first is “madam” as in “a girl with a ‘tude…” She’s such a madam. The other one,Continue reading “Language Discrepancies”

The Doorbell Stigma

Remember when we were little and would just waltz right up to our neighbor’s door without any prior notification? I can distinctly recall running errands with my mother, and when we’d finished, if I was so lucky, she would ask “Why don’t we drop in on ‘so and so.’” This is Colombian custom and itContinue reading “The Doorbell Stigma”

Love Sore

Things seriously do not change much in La Paz.  The people are always stone-faced and busy, the city is just smelly enough to put you off, and the empanadas are forever amazing. However,  a ride in the teleférico, which is a popular mode of transportation within La Paz, helped me to see the city inContinue reading “Love Sore”


Grace was not better the next morning, but she was not presented many options that didn’t involve jeopardizing the rest of the group’s tour. So, like the trooper she was, she left with us in the jerky, nauseating jeep. I got to see my first volcano today, many volcanos actually, both dormant and active. WeContinue reading “Mirada”

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