A Strong Soul & A Healthy Heart

A Strong Soul & A Healthy Heart

And Let Them Learn Language

There have been numerous studies done on the benefits of learning a second language at an early age. In the United States, however, learning a second language is not required until high school. Many people have written arguments to include foreign language classes to be incorporated in primary schools, which I completely agree with, butContinue reading “And Let Them Learn Language”

The Dangers of Anxiety

I live in a body that translates anxiety physically. It is hell. But I didn’t know how dangerous it was until this year. Ever since I was little, I had OCD-like habits. For example, I absolutely hated wearing certain clothes, and not for what they looked like. Rather, I hated the way some of themContinue reading “The Dangers of Anxiety”

A San Diego Surf Log

July 25th, 2019 Windansea This is the first spot I “surfed” in San Diego. Surfed is in quotes because I did not catch a single wave. Okay, I caught some white water on the way in… But I was too nervous to go for these waves. I had a lot to do upon moving, butContinue reading “A San Diego Surf Log”

Sunday Mornings

I’m moving out tomorrow. This day came quickly and I feel completely unprepared. The preamble for this journey had the tune of any other vacation that I’ve taken. But San Diego is the place where I will be spending the next… who knows? A lot of years? I have lived in Vacaville for my wholeContinue reading “Sunday Mornings”

Beer and Art

The Ruhstaller Brewery and Taproom is hidden in a small Nor-cal town known as Dixon. Something that makes Ruhstaller special is its devotion to sustainability and using local products to brew their beer. Another thing that makes it special is the artistic mind behind the experimental beers Ruhstaller puts out. Somewhere in the back ofContinue reading “Beer and Art”

Spatial Awareness

I woke up to rain pounding on the skylight above me. While there was no elevator in the ten story building, being on the top floor had one deliverance and that was the skylight. I could have reached up to open it while still laying on the bed. Allowing the water to permeate that glassContinue reading “Spatial Awareness”

A Culture of Self-Deprecation

Jokes about depression, suicide, and general discontentment with today’s society have been infiltrating my social media feed and thus my thoughts and even further, my character. Maybe a year ago, I followed this page on Facebook: “Sad memes”. The page concerns ideas that joke about hating life and how much it sucks, and for aContinue reading “A Culture of Self-Deprecation”

At the Mercy Of…

My sister Sloane and I showed up at Salmon Creek, a beach break in Sonoma County, around ten in the morning. We already knew what we were in for; it was going to be a shitty, stormy day, but her and I, being ever hopeful, drove the two hours regardless of what the surf reportContinue reading “At the Mercy Of…”

The Road to Death Valley

Something I realized this past summer while I was abroad in Europe was that people take the natural and man-made wonders around them for granted. I flew across the world to see some (very cool) things, but there was beauty in my own backyard that was begging for my attention. A day’s drive from myContinue reading “The Road to Death Valley”

Surfing Saved 2018

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was robbed on the first week of my backpacking trip, I had my heart broken, my little red truck was totalled, close friends decided I was disposable, my anxiety was through the roof, and being a fourth year, the impending need to figure outContinue reading “Surfing Saved 2018”

Rayonnant de Lumière

Son deuxième prénom est joie, mais quand elle est née personne ne savait pas que le nom serait tellement approprié. Sa naissance avait déjà amené le bonheur mais c’était seulement le début. Elle est pratiquement arrivée dans le monde rayonnante de lumière optimiste. La musique de son rire chuchote à travers l’hôpital terne et laContinue reading “Rayonnant de Lumière”

Le Désamour

L’idée de tomber amoureux n’existe pas de la même manière que le <<désamour>> n’existe pas, et moi, je ne sais rien sur l’amour mais j’entends souvent <<Ah, nous avons cessé de nous aimer… >> comme si on s’est réveillé tout à coup en détestant son amant…  TOUT À COUP, vraiment, on doit savoir que leContinue reading “Le Désamour”

European Thank Yous

When I had originally thought of how I was going to blog about traveling in Europe for ridiculously cheap, I didn’t realize it would be done with the help of so many friends along the way. I thought I was going to do it all on my own. However, because of the friends who tookContinue reading “European Thank Yous”


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