A Teacher’s Far-Reaching Impact

My high school experience could have been better. The number one reason why my school failed me was because of the faculty. I clearly remember the many sins of my high school teachers. For example, my science teacher would actually flirt with the senior and junior male students. She would tickle and tease them inContinue reading “A Teacher’s Far-Reaching Impact”

The Less You Wear, The More You Have

“I have nothing to wear!” I complained a few weeks ago, a statement commonly made by women in the western world. I had recently re-downloaded Instagram and immediately felt the need to be trendy. It’s funny, the reason I deleted it in the first place was so that I wouldn’t compare myself with women inContinue reading “The Less You Wear, The More You Have”

The Dangers of Anxiety

I live in a body that translates anxiety physically. It is hell. But I didn’t know how dangerous it was until this year. Ever since I was little, I had OCD-like habits. For example, I absolutely hated wearing certain clothes, and not for what they looked like. Rather, I hated the way some of themContinue reading “The Dangers of Anxiety”

Beer and Art

The Ruhstaller Brewery and Taproom is hidden in a small Nor-cal town known as Dixon. Something that makes Ruhstaller special is its devotion to sustainability and using local products to brew their beer. Another thing that makes it special is the artistic mind behind the experimental beers Ruhstaller puts out. Somewhere in the back ofContinue reading “Beer and Art”

Spatial Awareness

I woke up to rain pounding on the skylight above me. While there was no elevator in the ten story building, being on the top floor had one deliverance and that was the skylight. I could have reached up to open it while still laying on the bed. Allowing the water to permeate that glassContinue reading “Spatial Awareness”

A Culture of Self-Deprecation

Jokes about depression, suicide, and general discontentment with today’s society have been infiltrating my social media feed and thus my thoughts and even further, my character. Maybe a year ago, I followed this page on Facebook: “Sad memes”. The page concerns ideas that joke about hating life and how much it sucks, and for aContinue reading “A Culture of Self-Deprecation”

Surfing Saved 2018

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was robbed on the first week of my backpacking trip, I had my heart broken, my little red truck was totalled, close friends decided I was disposable, my anxiety was through the roof, and being a fourth year, the impending need to figure outContinue reading “Surfing Saved 2018”

Le Désamour

L’idée de tomber amoureux n’existe pas de la même manière que le <<désamour>> n’existe pas, et moi, je ne sais rien sur l’amour mais j’entends souvent <<Ah, nous avons cessé de nous aimer… >> comme si on s’est réveillé tout à coup en détestant son amant…  TOUT À COUP, vraiment, on doit savoir que leContinue reading “Le Désamour”

S’inspirait d’une histoire vraie

L’homme se réveille à 6h30 chaque jour pour aller à un travail traditionnel. Il se trouve cramponnant au mur toutes les matins; on peut deviner que c’est pour une raison d’insécurité. Il doit travailler à sept heure donc il se laisse le strict minimum de temps pour changer de vêtements et manger. Mais manger estContinue reading “S’inspirait d’une histoire vraie”