What Jimmy Chin’s Photoshoot With Jared Leto Says About Our Culture

If Jimmy Chin has every right to make money with his talents, and Jared Leto is not a poser, and the products are presumably sustainable, why did I feel so icky looking at these pictures?

A San Diego Surf Log

July 25th, 2019 Windansea This is the first spot I “surfed” in San Diego. Surfed is in quotes because I did not catch a single wave. Okay, I caught some white water on the way in… But I was too nervous to go for these waves. I had a lot to do upon moving, butContinue reading “A San Diego Surf Log”

The Road to Death Valley

Something I realized this past summer while I was abroad in Europe was that people take the natural and man-made wonders around them for granted. I flew across the world to see some (very cool) things, but there was beauty in my own backyard that was begging for my attention. A day’s drive from myContinue reading “The Road to Death Valley”

Surfing Saved 2018

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was robbed on the first week of my backpacking trip, I had my heart broken, my little red truck was totalled, close friends decided I was disposable, my anxiety was through the roof, and being a fourth year, the impending need to figure outContinue reading “Surfing Saved 2018”

A Typical Day in Bonac, France

I wake up in the mornings wondering what the day’s work will have in store for us. We never know what time we work or what kind of work we’ll be doing. It always changes, and Rupert, our boss, has poor communication skills, which are only hindered more because of a language barrier.  Rupert usuallyContinue reading “A Typical Day in Bonac, France”

Hitch-hiking to the Pyrenees Mountains

I had made it from San Sebastian to Toulouse and was now on a bus to St. Girons, where I would eventually have to hitch-hike to reach my final destination: Bonac. I had finished reading my book about “visitors” around the same time Grace finished reading “The Shining” by Stephen King, so we just swapped.Continue reading “Hitch-hiking to the Pyrenees Mountains”

Surfing Spain and France

Ten minutes and we would be in San Sebastian. The ambience had slowly given way from cityscape to rolling green hills dotted with evergreens. San Sebastian held the only opportunity for surfing in my 7 weeks abroad so it seemed appropriate that the landscape would possess a certain familiarity to me. That which I knewContinue reading “Surfing Spain and France”