About Seriously Summer

Hello, hola, and salut!

I launched Seriously Summer in 2016 after buying a ticket to Bolivia and realizing my need for exploration. My name is Summer and I have found joy in writing of my endeavors across the world.

My blog covers themes relating to adventure, culture, language, ethics and the things that, simply put, make us human.

I graduated from UC Davis with degree in Spanish and French. Learning languages has become an important part of my life because it has given me the opportunity to connect to people on a deeper level as well as express myself in non-conventional ways.

On my days off from supervising an after-school care program, I go surfing and hiking in my home of Northern California.  I lead a beautiful life that I grow more grateful for every day.  God has blessed me with an amazing support system and the ideal location to base myself out of in order to inspire others to also alter their lives to find ultimate joy.

“Para mí el vivir es Cristo y el morir es ganancia.” Filipenses 1:21

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6 thoughts on “About Seriously Summer

  1. Bolivia is one of the most violent countries in Latin America and unfortunately the ironic and sad part is that it leads Latin america statistically speaking in violence against women unfortunately ,so be careful and safe travels ! it is very brave and inspiring what you are doing !


  2. You are such an inspiration to young women,Summer.I am so very proud of you. I love everything about you sweetheart. Keep safe in your travels! 😍😘


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