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A San Diego Surf Log

July 25th, 2019 Windansea This is the first spot I “surfed” in San Diego. Surfed is in quotes because I did not catch a single wave. Okay, I caught some white water on the way in… But I was too nervous to go for these waves. I had a lot to do upon moving, butContinue reading “A San Diego Surf Log”

At the Mercy Of…

My sister Sloane and I showed up at Salmon Creek, a beach break in Sonoma County, around ten in the morning. We already knew what we were in for; it was going to be a shitty, stormy day, but her and I, being ever hopeful, drove the two hours regardless of what the surf reportContinue reading “At the Mercy Of…”

The Road to Death Valley

Something I realized this past summer while I was abroad in Europe was that people take the natural and man-made wonders around them for granted. I flew across the world to see some (very cool) things, but there was beauty in my own backyard that was begging for my attention. A day’s drive from myContinue reading “The Road to Death Valley”

Surfing Saved 2018

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was robbed on the first week of my backpacking trip, I had my heart broken, my little red truck was totalled, close friends decided I was disposable, my anxiety was through the roof, and being a fourth year, the impending need to figure outContinue reading “Surfing Saved 2018”

European Thank Yous

When I had originally thought of how I was going to blog about traveling in Europe for ridiculously cheap, I didn’t realize it would be done with the help of so many friends along the way. I thought I was going to do it all on my own. However, because of the friends who tookContinue reading “European Thank Yous”

Surfing Spain and France

Ten minutes and we would be in San Sebastian. The ambience had slowly given way from cityscape to rolling green hills dotted with evergreens. San Sebastian held the only opportunity for surfing in my 7 weeks abroad so it seemed appropriate that the landscape would possess a certain familiarity to me. That which I knewContinue reading “Surfing Spain and France”

It Can Happen to You

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of content here. I was unimpressed with Barcelona and therefore, uninspired to write anything about my time there. I did write an itinerary for those of you who are still wanting to go one day, but I also had more pressing matters at hand. After my time in Barcelona,Continue reading “It Can Happen to You”

My First Day in Iceland

It has been a year since I travelled to the land of fire and ice in June of 2017 and yet the place stays in my mind. I have heard stories of tourists moving to Iceland after spending only a few days in her picturesque landscapes (although I’ve heard the locals aren’t too happy withContinue reading “My First Day in Iceland”

Supermoon Surfin’

Even before I started surfing I had always wanted to experience  a night time surf sesh.  This was mostly the fault of that really cool surf scene at night in “Soul Surfer.” (Thanks, Bethany Hamilton.)  So when New Year’s Eve rolled around, with a full moon and still no solid plans, it seemed like theContinue reading “Supermoon Surfin’”

Sailing San Blas

When I arrived to the boat club around eight at night, there were already a bunch of other travelers huddled around the picnic tables on the dock. Following standard procedure, I was first asked where I was from, followed by a less important question, “What is your name?” which never seems as important for someContinue reading “Sailing San Blas”

Welcome to the Jungle!

After exploring much of Cartagena, which primarily consisted of a back alley massage -this sounds a lot sketchier than it actually was, I swear- and reddening my gringa shoulders along las playas, I decided to venture out on the task I came here for in the first place -teaching English. The next day had aContinue reading “Welcome to the Jungle!”

“Until Next Time…”

I cannot believe it has already been over a month since I’ve returned to the States.  I have almost concluded writing of my adventures and already, every bone in my body is aching to get back into some foreign, unknown land.  I did not know it was possible to be the opposite of homesick.  I’mContinue reading ““Until Next Time…””

Love Sore

Things seriously do not change much in La Paz.  The people are always stone-faced and busy, the city is just smelly enough to put you off, and the empanadas are forever amazing. However,  a ride in the teleférico, which is a popular mode of transportation within La Paz, helped me to see the city inContinue reading “Love Sore”


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