I’m Summer and I create content for brands in the health, wellness, personal development and lifestyle design space.

In 2021, I conceived my first baby and became deeply invested in how I could naturally and holistically enhance my health to be a better mom, wife, and member of my community.

My love for writing coalesced with my passion for wellness and since then, I’ve been writing blogs and articles for farms, herb gardens, clinics and health stores to support them in their shared mission of building health.

Whether you want to increase sales, establish trust with existing customers, or share wisdom, I can help! I will get to know your brand on an intimate level so I can empathetically communicate your ideas, goals, and knowledge.

I believe in…

  • Living simply
  • Eliminating toxins in the home
  • Eating whole, real, organic foods
  • Supporting small businesses and local community
  • Functional workouts that enhance mobility and longevity
  • That health traverses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms

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On a personal note…

  • I love writing and reading across ALL genres and and hope to publish a children’s book and a memoir in the near future. 
  • I have an awesome husband and a beautiful little girl named River.
  • Even though I live in Montana, I LOVE surfing.
  • I got my Bachelors in Spanish and French from UC Davis. Go Ags!
  • Learning other languages is my JAM! I have way too many grammar books on my shelves!
  • Before becoming a mom and diving into the freelance world, I worked in childcare and education for almost 10 years.